The Future Of Flexographic Printing

2017-11-30 15:21:18 admin 36

Printing and packaging is inseparable,  the flexible packaging industry occupy the dominant position in the packaging industry, the overall situation of printing industry influences the development of the packaging industry at the same time, as far as the market current situation, the entry barriers of flexible packaging industry is becoming higher and higher, it affects the soft package enterprise development and especially its flexible packaging printing equipment. based on the need of soft package printing industry equipment ,  flexo printing equipment has gradually replaced the mechanical axis gravure in the printing process, the application of flexo printing will have long-term development in China. Flexographic printing is a relatively environmentally friendly priniting way,  the future development of flexible printing in the soft bag industry  will be inestimable with mature technology and the popularity of environmental protection concept,  the main printing way of flexible packaging industry will give priority with flexo printing.

In developed countries, such as the us and Europe, flexible printing developed rapidly, packaging and printing has been changed from  gravure and offset printing to flexible printing, currently about 70% of the packaging materials used the way of flexo printing.

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