Advantages Of Flexographic Printing

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Flexography  is also commonly referred to as flexo printing, which use a flexible version of the printing of ink through the ink roller. The printing plate generally adopts a photosensitive resin plate with thickness of 1-5mm. Because the ink used in flexographic printing conforms to the green environment requirement,  it has been widely used in food packaging and printing with promising prospects.

The flexographic printing press is very fast, except for the technical breakthrough of sheet and ink, its own characteristics are important reasons to attract users.

1. The machine structure is simple, so it is easy to operate and easy to maintain. The price of the same functional flexographic press is about 30-50% of offset press or gravure press.

2. The genetic material is adaptable, and the corrugated board from 0.22mm to 10mm can obtain satisfactory printing effect.

3. the print force is small,  which is about 19.6-39.2 N/square cm, especially with corrugated paper which cannot withstand excessive pressure.

4. Low printing costs, mainly due to the low cost of the machine, low cost of printing, low loss of paper in the printing process, and is about 30-50% cheaper than production cost of gravure press.

5. Good quality of printing. The ink system of ink roller is used to transfer ink , and It not only simplifies the structure of ink - losing system, it also can realize the quantitative control of film thickness. The technical breakthrough of high performance photosensitive resin has greatly improved the resolution of printing plate and the reproduction of nodes (can reach 1-95%). Flexo printing can achieve 130 line/in color level printing, printing effect is excellent.

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